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Fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish. It is usually done in bodies of water such as oceans, rivers, lakes, or ponds using a variety of techniques such as angling, spearing, netting, and trapping. Different types of fish can be caught using different methods, and different cultures have their own traditional fishing practices. Some people fish as a hobby or for sport, while others fish for food or as a means of livelihood. Fishing can also have a significant impact on the environment, and conservation efforts are often put in place to ensure sustainable fishing practices.

Fishing can be done using a variety of methods, including angling, in which a hook and line are used to catch fish; spearing, in which a spear is used to catch fish; netting, in which a net is used to catch fish; and trapping, in which a trap is used to catch fish. Different types of fish can be caught using different methods, and different cultures have their own traditional fishing practices.

Angling is one of the most popular forms of fishing and can be done using a variety of different types of equipment, including rod and reel, fly fishing, and hand-lining. Rod and reel fishing is the most common form of angling, in which a fishing rod with a reel attached is used to cast a line with a bait or lure into the water to catch fish. Fly fishing is a form of angling that uses a fly as the bait or lure, and is often used to catch trout and other freshwater fish.

In addition to the method of fishing, the type of fish that is being caught also varies widely. Saltwater fishing is done in the ocean or sea and can include species such as tuna, marlin, and shark. Freshwater fishing is done in rivers, lakes, and ponds and can include species such as bass, trout, and catfish.

Fishing can also have a significant impact on the environment, and conservation efforts are often put in place to ensure sustainable fishing practices. This can include limits on the number and size of fish that can be caught, as well as restrictions on the types of fishing gear that can be used.

Fishing can be a fun and relaxing activity for some people and also a means of livelihood for others. It also has cultural significance in many societies, and traditional fishing practices are often passed down through generations.


4pcs ABEC-5 S6004-2RS S6004 2RS 20x42x12mm In Acciaio Inox ibrido Si3N4 cuscinetto di ceramica bobina di pesca 20*42*12 S 6004RS 6004 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

Secchio da pesca con pompa di aerazione bacino esca EVA pieghevole ispessimento borsa per attrezzi da pesca scatola da pesca esterna secchio da pesca 50cm 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

Sedia a sdraio regolabile pieghevole a 4 velocità con schienale alto, sedie a sdraio da pesca per il tempo libero all'aperto, il barbecue da campeggio può sedersi o sdraiarsi 65.81 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

Telecamera da pesca subacquea per Fish Finder fotocamera subacquea subacquea ad alta definizione 15m/30m cavo di alta qualità 12 pcs led bianchi 44.32 44.32  (~EUR  ) +detail

TAK YIYING zaino da arrampicata impermeabile zaino borsa sportiva all'aperto zaino da viaggio borse da pesca multifunzionali borse singole 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

Goture canna da pesca in acciaio inox portacanna per canna staffa per canna attrezzi da pesca in mare accessori attrezzature 111.88 54.82  (~EUR  ) +detail

2021 aggiornamento pantaloni da Softshell in pile caldo spesso da donna pesca campeggio escursionismo pantaloni da sci impermeabile antivento trasporto di goccia 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

La sedia da pesca pieghevole multifunzionale portatile più terreno di piccoli sedili selvatici portatili 56.41 56.41  (~EUR  ) +detail

HUK Winter Men Fishing felpe con cappuccio camicia manica lunga protezione solare camicie Roupa Pesca abbigliamento da Pesca traspirante Poleras De Pesca 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

Sgabello pieghevole da campeggio pesca con tasca laterale sgabello pieghevole sgabello portatile da esterno sedia pieghevole da esterno 44.32 44.32  (~EUR  ) +detail

Giacca impermeabile da uomo con cappuccio pesca a mosca cappotto sportivo da trekking traspirante e antivento 88.63 44.31  (~EUR  ) +detail

SOLDATO GRATUITO all'aperto tattici di sport occhiali da sole polarizzati degli uomini di pesca occhiali da sole miopia di Campeggio escursionismo escursioni in bicicletta Occhiali occhiali a prova di proiettile 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

TAK YIYING zaino tattico 40L borsa militare zaino da caccia borsa tattica da uomo leggera borsa da pesca esercito per uomo escursionismo 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

Nuova borsa a tracolla da pesca multifunzionale marsupio da pesca grande Multi tasca impermeabile per gli sport all'aria aperta per la guida 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

TAK YIYING borsa da pesca multiuso per uomo borsa a tracolla impermeabile resistente all'usura da viaggio Sport all'aria aperta 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

Scarpe da trekking antiscivolo da uomo alla moda scarpe da pioggia da pesca scarpe da lavoro nere scarpe da pesca in gomma impermeabili durevoli 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

Chiudere Fuori! Mulinello da pesca SeaKnight dry Baitcasting 12BB 7.6/7.0:1 mulinello da lancio in fibra di carbonio ad alta velocità 8.5KG Close Out 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

TAK YIYING Fishing Sling Pack Fishing Crossbody Sling Tackle Storage Bag attrezzatura da pesca zaino tattico a spalla 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

ALOCS sedia pieghevole portatile per Picnic all'aperto campeggio escursionismo Picnic spiaggia pesca wigh Carry Bag 65.81 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

Piccola canna da pesca per pesci canna da pesca amara ultraleggera e Ultra corta canna da gambero morbida tasca per pesci rossi canna di carbonio 1.2m 1.6m 1.8m 46.07 46.07  (~EUR  ) +detail

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